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Hudson Software runs on 100% green power! With our solar panels, we generate more power than we use (and make a substantial profit) !

Australian Achiever Award

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The judging process for the Australian Achiever Awards has been completed, and Hudson Software scored a Highly Recommended 96.93%

The Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased awards system based on assessment ratings from a businesses' own customers - an indication of a well run business where satisfied customers are a sign that a business is healthy and worthy of praise.

The award system focuses on the grass roots of community services and is designed to allow local businesses to legitimately prove their true dedication to customer service in an award procedure which gives recognition to businesses within their own field of endeavor. These businesses that put greater effort into customer service should be congratulated. They are worthy of high consideration from the public when customer service is regarded as an important value in business relationships.

For verification of this report, please call
Geoff Harwood, Director, Australian Achiever, +61 (3) 9564-7899.