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WHOS-IN Pro CHM (Help File) Problem

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PROBLEM: CHM (help) files won't open from Server:


NOTE: This problem is now permanently fixed - Context sensitive help is now accessed directly from the web site (as of 2008-04a release).

Quick Fix: Copy the ADMIN.CHM and USER.CHM files to your local C: drive. They run fine locally - it's running them across a LAN that is the issue (under XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8).

NOTE: This problem exhibits different behavior under Windows Vista. The Help file 'loads' and the subject headers are visible, but the individual 'pages' of the help file don't display.
The XP fix (below) MAY not have any effect in Vista (untested here as yet).
From the Microsoft web site: mentions about a security patch that prevents downloaded chm files from opening on win2003 server. ... it's been narrowed down that the failure started since 06/20/2005. perhaps an automatic Microsoft security update process

Other related sites describing how microsoft security patches prevent .chm files from opening
If you copy the .chm files to your local c:\ drive (non server computer), you should be able to open them.

A recent Microsoft patch by default will disable the displaying of CHM / HTML Help files which reside on a network share rather than the local machine. To correct this behavior, you can modify the ItssRestrictions entry to enable a specific security zone, follow these steps:

For more information, check out the microsoft writeup on this issue at:;en-us;896358

We are in the process of re-writing all the help files in HTML (all the ADMIN help is completed), and will soon have them ONLINE (here on the web site). This will totally eliminate the need to apply any of the 'fixes' above, however it's a slow process... there are 260+ pages to re-write.