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WHOS-IN Pro Download

1. Always make a backup of your server WHOS-IN folder before applying this version! (ESPECIALLY YOUR WHOSIN.MDB FILE)

2. Run your existing WHOS-IN program, and display the ABOUT SCREEN. Ensure that your free update expiry period has NOT expired yet. If it has, you will need to purchase an update HERE before proceeding. If you install this version, and the build date is later than your expiry date, it will revert to a 5 user version.

Downloading WHOS-IN Pro is a multi step process...

STEP 1 (Download)

Press the DOWNLOAD button to download the main program files (from either cNet or our mirrored site).

Get it from CNET Download.com!
(Primary - active)

(Mirror - active)

NOTE: you can now also download OLDER VERSIONS from our archive page.

If you see a window appear asking you to RUN or SAVE whosin.exe (a Digitally Signed self extracting zip file), Choose the SAVE option, and save the file to your local C: drive. (We suggest you save it to the C:\WHOSIN folder, which you may need to create.)

NOTE: All files from Hudson Software are certified 100% free of spyware, and adware by SiteAdvisor.com (click link for report) and several other security services (SoftPedia etc). All downloads (as of March 2012) are now signed with the latest Digital Certificate.

STEP 2 (Extract Files)

Using Windows Explorer, browse to your C:\WHOSIN folder, and RUN the whosin.exe program. This will extract all the program files.

STEP 3 (Configuration)

a) Run the ADMIN program and select the Tools / New User Defaults option. This will set the defaults for all users as they are added to the database.
b) Set the Global Settings options to your personal preferences.
c) Read the Installation.html file to examine other Network options.

STEP 4 (Copy to your Server)

Unlike most other Apps, there is no 'setup' program required with WHOS-IN Pro (it's not necessary, because nothing is ever 'run' on the server, and no DLL's or other files need to be 'registered' on the server either - it is simply a location to store the WHOS-IN files accessed by the workstations).
To install, simply drag-and-drop the WHOS-IN folder to your server.

STEP 5 (Set Server Folder access rights)

Depending on your server, you will probably need to set the server WHOS-IN folder access rights to FULL access for all users.
Ensure the OWNERSHIP of the folder is *NOT* set to a NetAdmin user - it must be a 'normal' user.

*IF* you experience any errors (such as missing / unregistered DLL's or OCX's) THEN... Download the SUPPORT-FILES, and save them to: C:\WHOSIN-SUPPORT-FILES folder - or... visit the support files page to download an individual file.   You can then run the support-files program to extract all the files WHOS-IN uses, and select ONLY the individual file required, and copy it into the C:\WHOSIN folder. DO NOT COPY ALL THE FILES.

Microsoft Windows versions after XP create a whole new set of issues - in particular the UAC (User Access Control). We are in the process of compiling as much info as we can on solving these problems, which although complicated, can be achieved. See: Vista.html, Windows7.html or Windows8.html for specific solutions.