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Q: WHOS-IN Pricing...

How much does WHOS-IN cost ?


WHOS-IN is priced at a flat rate of AU$10 per user, plus 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST) within Australia. (Tax free to all other countries). This includes 12 months of updates, and unlimited support via email for life. There are no yearly, or ongoing maintenance fees.
To order, please go to:

Q: WHOS-IN Transaction Log...

Is there a log kept of when users logged in or out?


Yes, there is a log, but it is OFF by default. You can switch it on by running ADMIN.EXE / Tools / Transaction Log menu item.
See: Admin Help Transaction Log

Q: WHOS-IN has disappeared / will not display...

One of our WHOS-IN users has a new 64-bit Windows 7 system. When she starts WHOS-IN it shows on the taskbar but the window will not open. Curiously, when resting the pointer on the WHOS-IN icon on the taskbar, the pop-up shows her name and status. It seems it has found the user and opened the program but will not display the window.


This can happen when a user changes screen resolution, or has had two screens in the past, but now only has one, and WHOS-IN is sitting outside the current 'visible' screen area. The user can fix this instantly by pressing the ALT+HOME keys, which resets the screen position to 0,0 (top left of the current screen). The administrator can also set the screen position in the MODIFY USER / SCREEN section.

Q: Windows Server...

I am looking to see if WHOS-IN will run on Windows Server 2008 R2 with a x64 bit


WHOS-IN is server independent (nothing actually 'runs' on the server itself) - it is only used to 'store' the files in a central location.
So, the answer is YES it will be fine. There are no known issues with any server of any description. Unix, Mainframe, anything. As long as you can access it from a workstation using a UNC path, WHOS-IN will run (assuming permissions have been set on the server correctly).