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WHOS-IN Pro - Admin Help


Welcome to WHOS-IN Pro Admin Help.
Please select the item of interest from the Menu on the left.
The page selections are mostly designed to mimic the screens within the WHOS-IN admin program.
Help within the App is context sensitive, and should launch you directly to the appropriate page.

NOTE: The Help system contains screen captures from many different versions of Windows... 8, 7, Vista, and XP, which may not exactly match your screen depending on the version of Windows (and WHOS-IN) that you are currently running. (Windows XP is the earliest version supported).

WHOS-IN is not (technically) A 'Designed for Windows App' (primarily because we refuse to pay Microsoft to use the 'official' logos) - however we have designed it to take advantage of some of the special features of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. Most style features should also be displayed on other versions of Windows (2000, 98 or 95) however these remain untested, and are not 'officially' supported.

Who's-In? is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Software (Australia)
Copyright 1994 - 2012 Hudson Software (Australia)