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WHOS-IN Pro - Admin Help

Modify User or Item:

The Modify User or Item Screen allows you to set values for everything the users have control over, plus many options that they do not. Only those features that are Admin specific will be covered here (generally).

The User Details section allows you to modify:
1. The User ID (also known as their network login ID). This is 'paired' with the user NAME.
2a. The User Name. This should be in the same format as their EMAIL name. WHOS-IN will use this to resolve email addresses.
2b. If an ITEM is entered, and the first character is a Tilde '~' then this item will be excluded from the 'Everyone' list. This allows you to add items such as Vehicles or Mobile Phones, without them interfering with the display of 'users'. Also, ITEMS don't usually have a Network Logon, so you can enter a Stock Code for the User ID, (because the item is never going to actually 'log in' to WHOS-IN, only be accessed by real 'users').
3. Custom Column data for columns set to READ ONLY. (The users 'Position' within the company for example).
4. Over-ride option for Status Alerts. This allows you to switch Alerts off Company Wide, but still allow 'selected' users to run it.
5. Reset the users 'Active' Flag. Used when you know someone has logged off, but the database has not been updated.

All items on the Options Tab can be modified by the users.

The Security section allows you to set an Access Level appropriate to the user. Normally, this is only done for the Receptionist, as they usually need the ability to update anyone's Status at any time (HIGH access level).

The Refresh Rate can be modified by the users.

The Group Management section allows you to assign a user the ability to update all users in a selected Group, without assigning them a HIGH (system wide) security level.

All items on the SysTray Tab can be modified by the users.

All items on the ToolBar Tab can be modified by the users.

The Screen section allows you to modify the screen position, height and width of the main WHOS-IN screen.
This is useful when the user has moved WHOS-IN outside the normal viewing area of the 'primary' screen, and then perhaps changed screen resolutions, making it impossible to drag the screen back into view.
Users have a HOT KEY combo (ALT+HOME) that can reset the screen to 0,0 (top left) - which fixes the problem immediately.

You can also reset the standard COLUMN WIDTHS here. Sometimes the users can HIDE a column by setting the width to zero.

The Photo section allows you to assign a JPG image to a user.
The image should be in 4:3 (4 wide x 3 high) format to prevent distortion. (4:3 is the standard format from a camera). 200w x 150h pixels is the default size used, however the image container will allow you to 'size to fit'.

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