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WHOS-IN Pro - Admin Help

Transaction Log

The Transaction Log displays the 'history' of each status change and includes the User Name, Status, Due Back, Comments, Date and Time of the change, the Logon ID and the computer name of the user that changed the status (which may be different to the user name).

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you leave this option switched OFF, as each time a status is changed, the size of the database increases. After just a short while, this will bloat the size of the database to many megabytes which will in turn slow down the operation of WHOS-IN.

This feature was originally included in version 1 of WHOS-IN (back in 1994), but removed in version 2 because of complaints from people who did not like being 'tracked'. It has been added back in only because many people have asked for it. If you find people not using WHOS-IN, or asking their colleagues to mark them In or Out (like when they are on a long lunch break for example) it may be prudent to switch this option off to avoid the 'Big Brother' syndrome.

The Clear Log Button allows you to erase the entries, but does not recover used disk space until you REPAIR the database.

If you have switched Transaction Logging on (using the checkbox) then you must press the OK Button to save the change into the database. People running the 'User' program must restart WHOS-IN before the change you have made will have any effect.