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WHOS-IN Pro - User Help

General Information:

The WHOS-IN User program ( user.exe ) is used for the following:

Updating your Status - using as many as 5 different methods.
Updating the Status of other people (or items) if you have been assigned access rights by the WHOS-IN Administrator.
Sending and receiving Post-It™ style notes / messages.
Sending eMail.
Modifying your Options.
Printing Reports.

The database uses Microsoft Access format for data storage.
The programs have been designed using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.


Programs, screen designs, macro's, associated databases and database formats are COPYRIGHT 1994 - 2012, Hudson Software (Australia). Contents may not be reverse engineered or resources separated from the rest of the system under any circumstances.

Who's-In? is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Software.
WYWO is a Registered Trademark of Caliente International.
Microsoft, Access, Windows, MS Mail, MS Schedule+ and MS Exchange are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Post-It is a trademark of 3M Corporation.
Any other Trademarks used belong to their respective trademark owners.

Bug Reports:

Yes, we admit it... bugs do happen, and no, we do not call them undocumented features! No matter how much testing we do, something may be overlooked, and slip through the system unnoticed, or someone is using a setup we have not encountered before. We encourage you to report bugs, which in turn, will allow us to further improve the software, and most importantly, improve our service to you! If you come across something that appears to be 'not quite right' please tell us by emailing your bug reports to:

End User License Agreement (EULA):

Commercial Version:
Hudson Software grants a license to use WHOS-IN to the original purchaser only, and may not be transferred to a third party.
You have the right to install the server component of WHOS-IN and the associated database on one File Server, or one single user PC (but not both).
WHOS-IN licenses are sold in exact numbers as you require them (with a minimum order of 5 users). For example, should you wish to increase the number of people in your database from 25 to 30 users, a 5 user 'add-on' license would be required (allowing up to 30 users / items in the database).
Multiple databases on the same server, or on different servers require purchasing of additional WHOS-IN server licenses. Serial number security will prevent remote servers operating without a separate license.

Timed Trial Version:
Usage of a timed demo is usually limited to 30 days, with a user limit predefined by Hudson Software. Use of WHOS-IN past the expiry date of the demo is prohibited. Should you wish to continue using WHOS-IN (with more than 5 users), a full license must be purchased.

5 User Freeware Version:
If you have a small office with 5 or less employees in the database, the software is free to use as long as you like. Should you wish to extend past the 5 user limit, you may then purchase a licensed version (5 users minimum) from your local software reseller, or our order form located at: The 5 user version may be installed to multiple file servers for evaluation purposes only.

WHOS-IN updates are supplied FREE for a period of 12 months after initial purchase.
SUPPORT for WHOS-IN is 100% FREE (even for the Freeware version). Contact preference is by eMail to
Hudson Software reserves the right to republish any user feedback (from any source) as a client testimonial on our web site.

System Requirements:


Windows compatible network server capable of supporting UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path names such as: Win95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, Novell 4.x and others. (Check your server is capable)
Approximately 15Mb hard disk space.
NOTE: No applications actually 'run' on the server (unless the server also happens to be a shared PC on a peer-to-peer network).

Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Win95 and Win98 may also run *IF* Office/Access 2000 *OR* the MS Jet 8 Service Pack has been installed.
LAN Card / Network connection.
1024x768 screen resolution or higher recommended.
Internet connection - to display help files and check for updates.
NOTE: Under normal circumstances NO files are copied to the workstations. Only an Icon (linking to the user.exe file on the server) is required on the workstations.

Same as server above, but also including HIGH SPEED (Megabits per second) WAN (Wide Area Network) connection. (Microwave or Optical Fiber preferred)

WAN (Wide Area Network) connections using ISDN or slow DSL.
RAS (Remote Access Server) dialup connections using a MODEM.
NOTE: The data transmission speed for both ISDN (64 and 128k) and modems is too slow for acceptable response times due to the amount of data transmitted.

Peer-to-peer Network Limitations:
Windows XP is no longer recommended as a peer-to-peer server for WHOS-IN due to the simultaneous connection limit (20 users for XP SP1 and 10 users for XP Service Pack 2).

Our recommendation is to run an OLD PC with Win98 as your WHOS-IN server, which bypasses the XP limitations. (Info still current as of 2012)

We DO NOT recommend running your WHOS-IN on a PRINT SERVER. Print Servers can often use up to 100% of system resources, which effectively stops WHOS-IN from accepting updates from the workstations while the printing is in progress.