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WHOS-IN Pro - User Help

Group Change Screen:

The Group Change Screen allows you to update both your own status, plus the status of other members of a Group (but you must be a member of that Group first). Group members are assigned by your WHOS-IN Administrator. To change the status of one or more Group members, you must first select the users from the main screen (using Shift or CTRL + mouse click), then choose the Group Change button to arrive at the Group Change Screen.

Step 1. Select the users from the Main Screen.

Step 2. Press the Group Change button on the Main Screen toolbar.

Step 3. Enter the appropriate data into the fields on the Group Change Screen.

Press OK to save the data, and return to the Main Screen.

1. A High Access user can change anyone in any Group.
2. A Normal Access user can only update the status of other Group members (if they are a Group member themselves).
3. A Guest or Low Access user cannot change anyone at all.