Melbourne Lightning back online as of Dec 2013
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New User Setup Screen:

The New User Setup Screen is displayed if your Network Login ID is not already in the database. (This is normally done by your WHOS-IN Adminstrator - but not always).


Enter your user name into the appropriate field, ensuring that is the same format that everyone else uses (usually FirstName LastName - but could be different).
Press OK, and a new record will be created in the database for you, using the default settings that your admin has set up.

If your name (but not your Network Login ID) is listed, you may select it from the available list.

DO NOT choose the ADD TO STARTUP FOLDER if WHOS-IN starts using a login script. If you do, it makes it more difficult for the Admin to look after.

If you press CANCEL, a new record will not be created for you, and WHOS-IN will shut down.

If you don't choose to add the Icon to your desktop during setup, it can be created later from within the WHOS-IN user program, FILE / CREATE ICON menu item.