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WHOS-IN Pro - User Help

Remote Servers Screen:

The Remote Servers Screen allows you to connect to other WHOS-IN databases on your LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network).


Select the desired remote server from the list and press OK to connect. This may take a few seconds, depending on the speed of your network, and how busy the remote server is.

When connected to a remote server, the Home Button  is enabled. Use this button to return to your 'Home' server after examining the remote data. The server path is also displayed in section 2 of the Status Bar (at the bottom of the Main Screen) to remind you that you are not looking at your 'home' database.

If your name does not exist in the remote database, some of the buttons on the toolbar will be grayed out (preventing you from updating your status in a database that doesn't know about you for example).

If your name does exist in the Remote database (you may be a frequent traveler to another city and need to keep everyone in 2 places updated as to your movements) you will be able to use most of the functions just as though you were looking at your 'Home' server location.

NOTE: The Remote Servers list is updated by your WHOS-IN administrator.