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WHOS-IN Pro - User Help

Uninstalling WHOS-IN:

WHOS-IN doesn't normally ''install'' anything other than an Icon on a workstation - everything resides on the server... unless your PC happens to be on a peer-to-peer network, and your PC is the WHOS-IN server. This ''can'' happen, but is very rare (details on this further below).

Usage (Workstation):

To uninstall WHOS-IN icons (from a 'normal' workstation):
Choose the FILE / UNINSTALL menu item.
This will delete ALL icons for ALL USERS from this workstation (from the Desktop, and the StartUp Folder).

(You can recreate them again later if you like from the 'Commands / New Icon from Selected Users' menu item).

It will NOT DELETE a WHOS-IN icon that has been pinned to the TaskBar.

A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm you really want to do this:

Usage: (Peer-to-Peer Server)

To uninstall the program files off a peer to peer server, you must first complete the Workstation Uninstall (as above)

Once the WorkStation Uninstall is complete, you may simply DELETE the WHOS-IN folder from your hard drive with Windows Explorer.
The default location is C:\WHOSIN (but it may be located anywhere).
There is no 'Uninstaller' as such, because nothing is actually 'installed' - it is only COPIED or UNZIPPED instead.