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WHOS-IN Product Reviews

Can't find your network technician? Need to find the boss to get some answers only to find he doesn't have his cellphone on? Well, with Hudson Software's WHOS-IN you can see at a glance where everyone is and what their availability is. All the administrator has to do is create a few users, define what equipment they have (cellphone, laptop) and what groups they are in (IT, Administration etc.). It's super easy to set up and use and can all be run remotely. You can also e-mail people directly from the window, it would be nice if you could send them sms messages too...Very Good!

Productivity Tools

Imagine taking your company's ''In-Out Board'' or Log Book and porting it to an electronic format. Hudson Software's WHOS-IN does just that. This easy to install and even simpler to use program lets you check colleagues' availability from your desktop, eliminating cumbersome whiteboards and freeing up receptionists. Users can call up the program when trying to track down a colleague.

WHOS-IN can be programmed by a single administrator, or more conveniently, allows users to set their own status level when leaving or returning to the office.

The simple user interface lists worker's names (with extension numbers) and marks these as In, Out, Busy or on Holiday. There's also space for for additional information including date/time due back and other comments.

We've seen examples of everyday pen and paper applications that aren't worth the time to set up, but this Windows program makes office life just a little easier.

Office Software

by Charles Wright - Technology Editor
The AGE Newspaper, Melbourne Australia

I like programs that do small, but important tasks. WHOS-IN is an Australian-developed product that basically sets up one of those little office notice boards that tells people in offices what everyone else is doing. This one is much more efficient, because it tells you who is in, out, engaged or on holidays, when they will be back, and where they can be contacted. It runs either as a stand-alone application or on a LAN, and links to Microsoft Mail. WHOS-IN is used by major oil companies, government departments, universities and small offices, and ought to be a standard feature on any network.

Australia finds out Who's-In?

Program keeps track of staff availability
By Simon Sharwood

Hudson Software has released WHOS-IN, a program that monitors the whereabouts of staff. The program resides entirely on a server and is essentially a database. Users operate the server version of the program remotely from an icon installed in desktop Windows setups, making the program NOS (Network Operating System) independent.

Using the program involves the manipulation of one of two windows. The first of these reports on the server's database of other workers within and organization and whether they are available.

The second windows is used by individuals to update the database as to their own whereabouts and movements. Each of these windows disappears if not used for 60 seconds, after which the program will run in minimized mode.

When a user returns to the program, it sends a query back to the server to see if there have been any changes to its database of staff movement, and informs users accordingly. Such querying was designed by Greg Hudson to make the smallest possible demand on networks, and therefore sends only one byte of data.

Hudson sees this feature as extremely important. 'Large users cannot get over how little network traffic the program generates,' he said.

The development tool used for the program is Visual Basic. A Microsoft Access engine resides in the back end and currently limits the capacity to 250 simultaneous users, a factor that has curbed sales to some extent, Hudson said.
(This limitation no longer applies - limit is now 15,300 users)

Meanwhile, Hudson is enjoying great success with the program. 'Sales have been unbelievable,' he said. 'We have been shipping by the truckload and have just had the best sales month in 15 years in the business.'

Customers include the headquarters of a global electronics company in Texas, which has bought versions to serve 1,800 staff. Australian sites include Parliament House in Canberra, the Victorian Premier's Department and BP. Hudson has also concluded distribution deals for Japan and New Zealand and has shipped 45,000 demonstration disks to England.

She knows that you know that he's not really in a meeting. But she does know where he is, whether he is busy, and when he is likely to be available. WHOS-IN is a software package that can run over a network and shows where the staff are - and how long they're likely to take.

Accessible by anyone on the network, there is also an override function, restoring control to the reception desk. It can also be run stand-alone.

Name: WHOS-IN, for Microsoft Windows. Available from:
Hudson Software, +61 (4) 0989-0572.

Published in Microsoft Communiqué Magazine

Keeping track of Who's-In?

If your business is too busy you'll know how hard it can be to keep track of staff movements. Knowing who's in and who's out can become a career in itself, but if you want some help - here it is!

WHOS-IN is a great program especially designed to help staff that may be spread out between offices or floors. Sure and simple, it allows everyone on a network to keep track of who's in the office - just like an in/out board only more accessible.
(Microsoft Australia purchased WHOS-IN for their own use!)