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WHOS-IN Pro Updates

Always make a backup of your server WHOS-IN folder before applying updates! (ESPECIALLY YOUR WHOSIN.MDB FILE)

NOTE: Updates are now immediately incorporated into the main WHOS-IN download, and can be installed OVER the top of an existing WHOS-IN Pro installation (after you have made a backup copy).

Run your existing WHOS-IN program, and display the ABOUT SCREEN. Ensure that your free update expiry period has NOT expired yet. If it has, you will need to purchase an update HERE before proceeding. If you install this update, and the build date is later than your expiry date, it will revert to a 5 user version.


xx May 2012 - WHOS-IN work in progress:

User - Bug Fix. Error 91 appeared when the option to pop up the Change Screen when pressing OUT is switched on, AND a Group was selected that did not have any users in it.

User - Added QR (Quick Response) Code to About screen:
You can now scan this code with your iPhone or Android phone to connect directly to the Hudson Software web site.
Clicking on the code from within the WHOS-IN user program will also send you to the web site.
You can also scan the code into your phone from the top right corner of most of the pages here.
User - Temporary update to allow the old (very old) user.chm (help file) to be loaded from C:\WHOSIN folder. This will be superseded once the online user help is finished.
User - Removed database version number from About screen. No longer required.

05 March 2012 - WHOS-IN Pro 2012-03A DOWNLOAD

There hasn't been much to do with WHOS-IN for a while (like the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it) however with the advent of Windows 8, there's now plenty to do... and we have been busy (really busy) and it's not going to stop soon either! (Think Metro / Gestures etc)

NEW - OCXregisterTool.exe - Specifically designed for Windows 8, but also works with earlier versions of Windows.
Admin and User - Windows 8 usability testing completed. Both Apps now run 100% correctly.
User - Modified the Change Screen and updated some of the controls to use MSCOMCT2.OCX.

Admin and User - New address details in About Screen.
Support Files: Updated with new OCX's and DLL's where necessary.
All Files: Updated with latest Digital Signing Certificate (should alleviate 'expired certificate' errors)

Admin and User - Minor updates to Welcome Screens.
Admin - Bug fix printing some reports in wrong font size.
Admin.exe User.exe iniCheck.exe Convert.exe Support-Files.exe OCXregisterTool.exe



04 June 2009 - WHOS-IN Pro 2009-06B DOWNLOAD
User - Modified the new "Check For Updates' feature so it no longer tells the user they have the current version, and also does not ask them to visit the web site (this is a job for the WHOS-IN Administrator).

Admin and User - Updated internal version numbers to accurately reflect the current build (2009-6-2) (We can't use 2009-06-B)
Admin.exe User.exe

03 June 2009 - WHOS-IN Pro 2009-06A
Admin - BUG FIX. A typo in the Global Settings area for the new 'Check For Updates' function caused an error. Fixed.

User - Welcome screen further updated.
Admin.exe User.exe

26 May 2009 - WHOS-IN Pro 2009-05A
User - Added 'Check For Updates' function for HIGH access users (normally receptionists). Admin configurable in Global Settings.

Admin - Welcome screen - updated and removed unused code - speeding up the loading process slightly.
Admin - Updated some missing links for context sensitive help.
User - Updated DELETE code in New Message Pop-Up area.
Admin.exe User.exe


17 May 2008 - WHOS-IN Pro 2008-05A
Admin - Moved the 'Register' menu item to the main menu bar (some people were finding it difficult locating the command buried in the Help Menu).
Admin - Company Policy section updated.
Admin - Minor fix for Auto check for Update command.
User - Fixed small problem with message 'ID' numbers.
User & Admin - Updated About screen with our new address details.
User & Admin - Minor update to Splash / Welcome screen.
Admin.exe User.exe

16 Apr 2008 - WHOS-IN Pro 2008-04A
Admin - Context sensitive help is now completed. Pressing the HELP button on any of the pages within the Admin program will now access the most up-to-date help info (for the form you are viewing) directly from our web site.  This permanently fixes the problems with CHM files.
User - Increased font size / bold when printing messages.
Admin.exe User.exe


06 Mar 2008 - WHOS-IN Pro 2008-03A
Admin - Bug fix - Delete Group incorrectly deleted record from Employee Settings Table due to Cascading Deletes structure in MS Access. Fixed.
User - Bug fix - Change Status Screen incorrectly attempted to update the SysTray ToolTip *IF* 'Display in SysTray' option was selected. Fixed.
Admin.exe User.exe


29 Feb 2008 - WHOS-IN Pro 2008-02A
Admin - Bug fix - Group Modify now updates the New User Defaults and Employee Setting Tables to reflect a modified Group Name.
Admin - Bug fix - Delete Group now resets the New User Defaults Table to the 'Everyone' Group if the default Group is deleted.

Admin & User - Updated Picture display area, adding error trapping for large images.
Admin.exe User.exe


16 May 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-05B
In our exuberance to release the Vistafied version a couple of weeks ago, we inadvertently forgot to add the XP resource files to convert.exe & iniCheck.exe (now fixed). (oops).
Admin - Updated the 'Auto Check for Updates' to allow for upper / lower case versions.
User & Admin - Updated the PHOTO display to 4:3 aspect ratio (which is the output format of most digital camera's).
Admin.exe User.exe Inicheck.exe Convert.exe

05 May 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-05A
This is one of the most comprehensive updates we have done for quite a while. If you don't regularly update WHOS-IN, this is THE update to get. It's not just the software that's been updated either - The company logo, Icons, web site, just about everything !

All program files: user.exe, admin.exe, convert.exe and inicheck.exe all come complete with a Microsoft Authenticode Digital Signing Certificate. This is of particular use to Vista users who are 'nagged' by Vista if an exe file does not have one. You can now add any of the above 4 files as a 'Trusted' application.

When starting, ensure 'Hudson Software' is the publisher. (Vista)

Where possible, all graphics have been updated to the Vista 'aero' look and feel. This applies even if you are running XP. Unfortunately the programming language we use (Visual Basic) does not support more than 256 colors, or the 'Alpha Channel', however the 'aero effect' remains, if not as good as it should be with 32,000 colors. On the other hand - it's very hard to pick the difference !

Main screen with new (optional) giant sized Vista style buttons

New Vista specific features include resizable desktop Icons which can zoom from 16x16 pixels all the way up to 256x256 pixels. This has been added for those people with ultra high resolution monitors with high DPI settings (as per Microsoft's latest design specs).

256x256 pixel Vista Icon (actual size)

Admin - Added 'Kill Purged Messages' function to Messages screen. This allows you to permanently delete messages that users have finished with.
User - Removed Hudson Software logo from the main screen. (Our new logo does not suit)
User - Updated Message Preview screen and fine-tuned the enabling / disabling of the toolbar icons.
Admin.exe User.exe Inicheck.exe Convert.exe

14 Apr 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-04B
User - Added Purge Messages function to Preview Messages screen. This allows you to permanently kill your deleted messages.

User - Updated several buttons to Vista 'Aero' style (more coming soon).
User - Fixed problem with Windows Vista not creating or deleting Icons / Shortcuts for the Desktop and or StartUp Folders. This was a mammoth task which involved a complete re-write of the Icon code. Vista does not work with the VB6STKIT.dll we were using. The re-write now uses Windows Script Host Object Model (wshom.ocx).
Website - Updated WHOS-IN screenshots to Windows Vista format.
FILE ADDED: wshom.ocx
FILE REMOVED: vb6stkit.dll (no longer used)

02 Apr 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-04A
User - Added Print messages function to both View and Preview messages.
User - Updated message sort order to descending (newest messages now at the top of the list).
User - Reduced scan time for Screensaver & Locked Workstation to 1/4 second.
User - Merged code for both timers above into one (reducing resource usage).

03 Mar 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-03A
Added extra Vista detection code (both Admin & User).

09 Feb 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-01C
Added extra database repair utility (JetComp.exe) which (according to Microsoft) is capable of repairing databases more efficiently than either MS Access, or the Access derived VB code we use in the Admin program repair function. Full documentation on JetComp is included in a doc file.
User - Fixed problem where pressing Function Key 5 (F5) did not always work.
FILES UPDATED IN THIS VERSION: Admin.exe User.exe JetComp.exe (new) JetComp.Doc (new)

19 Jan 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-01B
Admin - Fixed problem when updating a user with blank custom fields (error 3315 - Field cannot be zero length).

10 Jan 2007 - WHOS-IN Pro 2007-01A
User - Bug Fix - Resolved issue where if the UID: parameter was left blank, and the Admin had deleted the user, the New User Setup screen would flash on screen then disappear. Now fixed.
User - Updated DELETE button in New Message Pop-Up area.
User - Updated Icon creation code for the StartUp Folder.
User - Main Screen - Updated message preview section.
User - Updated 'retry' option in OpenDatabase to further assist when the server is busy (3050 errors).
Admin - Updated almost every screen with minor mods to reflect the new 2007 version - copyright info etc. No major programming issues or bugs to be fixed.


25 Aug 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-08A
User - Updated 'find' command to locate 'all' matches within the selected column. Previously, only the characters at the beginning of each line were found.
User - Updated About Screen with our new address details.
User - Fixed bug which caused the hourglass Icon to persist when selecting an empty Group.
Admin - Fixed problem where the last User, Group, Item etc selected was not always highlighted when returning to the main screen.
Installation File - Updated to include info on running the user program from an IP Address (IntraNet / ExtraNet).
NOTE: Skype integration currently ON HOLD.

22 July 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-07D
Admin - Fixed 380 (Font) error in AdminSettingsTable.
Admin - Fixed font error in Import routine.

14 July 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-07C
Admin - Updated the Modify User section to allow the removal / clearing of Photos for each user.
Admin - Bug fix for error 3314 & runtime error 5 - Introduced when adding Admin Font Size & Bold options in the 07A version.
Convert.exe - Updated to support Font Size & Bold in main database.
Added nologo.gif file to distribution to allow easier removal of the background Hudson Software company logo (if required). This background is plain white.

07 July 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-07B
User - Updated the message dialog that appears when accessing a remote server that is not a WHOS-IN Pro format database.
User - Modified print format to landscape mode, and increased the font size.
User - Added font SIZE/BOLD selector to Options screen.
Admin - Added font SIZE/BOLD selector to Options and Default User settings area.
Note: This is not applicable to all areas of the program, only the main display screens. Also, not all controls have a font size property (the ToolBar for example). To increase font size on these, you must change it in Windows itself.

19 Apr 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-04B
User - Removed the BOLD font for the main ListView (added in last version). This will be re-applied (along with font sizes) once we have rebuilt it for individual users preferences / options settings.

18 Apr 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-04A

Admin - Updated database backup files to a more easily recognized name.

Admin - 3052 error 'File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry' when clearing the Transaction Log. We are unsure why this error has suddenly appeared. The code for this function had been working OK for many years. Now fixed (and considerably faster).

Admin - When entering the Transaction Log screen, the Export, Print & Clear buttons are now disabled if there are no records to display.

28 Mar 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-03A
User - Problem when entering any data (on virtually any screen) that included a double quote, caused an SQL query error. Double quotes are now auto replaced with single quotes as they are typed.
User - Problem reported when selecting multiple users, then choosing the Group Change screen. Only the 'last selected' user was updated. Now fixed.
User - Updated main screen to BOLD as a first step in complying the with the new US Govt 'accessibility' regulations.

14 Feb 2006 - WHOS-IN Pro 2006-02A (Major update)
User - Status Alert and New Message Alert code rewritten to display alert windows as an 'object'. This now allows WHOS-IN to:
1. Display multiple alert windows, one for each new message or user you have an alert set for.
2. Only displays the 'latest' alert window for each user.
3. Eliminates multiple beeps if several alerts appear at once.
4. Prevents error 401 'can't show non-modal form when modal from is displayed'.
5. Added code to clear all Alert pop-ups with just one click.
6. Added message 'body' to New Message Alert so you can read it immediately without going to the Message Viewer.
User - Added confirmation message box to inform users when additional Icons have been created on the Desktop for other users.
Admin - Fixed problem with 'Check for updates' not functioning when the Admin program is first started.


10 Nov 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-11B

User - Fixed problem with the Refresh counter not counting down.
(Oops - we missed this one yesterday!)

09 Nov 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-11A

Admin - Added 'Computer Name' to the Transaction Log. This will help the WHOS-IN Administrator locate which PC a particular user is logged on at. Also increased the width of the TL screen to accommodate the extra data.

User - Added DELETE button to New Message Pop-Up.

30 Oct 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-10A

User - Fixed problem with 'Company Info' screen closing the database when it shouldn't have.

User - Added confirmation screen to File / Uninstall menu item.

User - Added confirmation screen to Tools / New Icons for Selected User menu.

User - Fixed problem with New User Setup screen which was preventing the creation of Icons containing a Tilde (~) character.

User - BUG FIX. WHOS-IN was using a Win API call to 'pop' the Group Change screen to the top, however when this code was called from the Main Screen ListView DoubleClick event, it 'deselected' the selected user. This in turn prevented the update from taking place, and caused a 3050 error in the Status Alert section (if enabled), and finally, updated the Transaction Log (if enabled) with the Default Users details instead of the 'selected' users details. Now fixed.

27 Sep 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-09A

User - Added a 'Delete this Alert' button to the Status Alert pop-up window.

Admin - Added an option to selectively allow individual users the ability to run Status Alerts. This overrides the Global option switching Status Alerts off.

User - Modified timers to reduce the number of 'polls' to the server when checking for Forced Shutdown.

22 Aug 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-08B

User - Updated security routine which now allows WHOS-IN to continue running (with 5 users) *IF* someone installs an update they have not paid for (outside the 12 month free update period). Previously WHOS-IN would simply shut down.

User - Fixed problem with the Windows Lock function not updating the Icon correctly when they returned & unlocked the workstation, *IF* the users record was updated by another user, *AND* the lock was active.

User - Fixed problem with the Windows 'Lock' (presence sensing) code which passed the 'selected' user details instead of the 'Default User' details to the Update Status routine, when the Windows Lock was deactivated.

User - New Message : Added the ability to select a 'Group' of users when selecting recipients in the New Message screen.

Admin - Added code to detect & repair missing custom fields from the EmployeeTable.

03 Aug 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-08A

User - Fixed problem with the ScreenSaver (presence sensing) code which passed the 'selected' user details instead of the 'Default User' details to the Update Status routine, when the screensaver was deactivated.

28 Jul 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-07B

User - Updated error 3043 trapping to allow Retry / Cancel if Network Cable is unplugged.

User - Added error 3044 trapping to prevent invalid database path.

User - Added 1/2 second delay to subOpenDatabase routine if an error is detected. Also displays 'try' count in Main Screen StatusBar.

User - Updated main display to remove leading spaces from custom column fields.

User - Fixed Group Icon display problem which appeared if : The System Security was set to High, the Users Security was set to Medium, and the user was also a Group Manager. The Group Icon was grayed out when it should have been activated.

User - Updated Toolbar to hide the New Msg & Preview buttons if the Administrator has disabled messaging.

07 Jul 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-07A

Admin - Fixed error 3265 when attempting to modify the Photo Path.

User - Fixed problem with a selected user in one Group being updated when a different Group is selected, and no 'user' is selected.

24 Jun 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-06C

Admin - Fixed problem in Modify User screen / SysTray setting - the new setting was not being saved.

User - Fixed Error 5 in New Message Alert Pop-Up.

User - Fixed problem with Status Alert Pop-Up which wasn't popping up correctly (or at all in some cases).

10 Jun 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-06B

User - Updated database structure routine to mirror the new modifications made by the Admin program (adding a MessageOwner field fixes error 3217).

User - Updated ToolBar so that the Preview Msg Icon is always visible (if this option is switched on)

User - Updated Screen Saver and Locked Workstation code to prevent unnecessary transactions appearing in the Transaction Log.

08 Jun 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-06A

User - Added Uninstall command to File Menu. This deletes the Icons from the Start Folder and Desktop for the Default User. (These are the only 2 files created on the Workstations)

User - All forms updated to 'Modeless'. This allows you to have multiple screens visible at once (several messages for example) without having to first close one down to read another.

User - Updated Presence Sensing (Screen Saver & Locked Workstation) code to eliminate unnecessary network traffic.

21 May 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-05C

User - Updated all SQL queries to accept commas as a decimal point. This was causing problems for our friends in Holland (and possibly other parts of Europe).

User - Updated Group TreeView to always display the 'Everyone' Group in bold - to help make it easier to see when there are many Groups.

User - Added error trapping for Disk / Network errors (code 3043) during OpenDatabase routine.

User - Added 'retry' option to OpenDatabase to allow for those times when the server is busy (fixes 3050 error).

User - Added code to prevent the Status Alert & New Message Alert bumping into each other (which in turn caused a 'Modal' error).

05 May 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-05B

Admin - Updated Import function to prevent importing csv or txt files not containing either commas or tabs.

User - Fixed problem with ListView not displaying correctly if Alerts & Messaging are both disabled AND Tab view is selected.

User - Fixed error 401 with New User Setup screen - 'Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed'.

User - updated 'OpenDatabase' routine to allow extra retries if the database is busy, and allow user intervention if required.

02 May 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-05A

User - Complete re-write of the "Presence Sensing' code to eliminate the 'jerky mouse movement' under Win XP still reported by a couple of sites.

Admin - Fixed Error 53 (file not found) when selecting 'Yes' to 'Check web site for updates'.

User - Fixed Error 94 (invalid use of null) when attempting to create an Icon for a user that had been imported from a text file, but had not as yet been assigned a user ID.

21 Apr 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-04D

User - Added Group Filtering to 'Print Status Reports'.

User - Updated background color of the Status Alert & New Message pop-up windows to White. (previously it was a 'Windows 'Highlight Text') - which in one users case was Black - meaning they could not read the text.

User - Updated the Desktop Icon create / delete to prevent WHOS-IN from always creating a Desktop Icon if it didn't exist.

User - The Change Status / Group Change screens now default to OUT if you have the 'Display Change Status Screen when selecting OUT' option enabled

19 Apr 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-04C

User - Fixed error 438 encountered when dragging & dropping a username to the Groups treeview (instead of the Status Alert window). (oops - missed that one !)

Admin - Switching Status Alerts back on now restores the users previous screen setting (if any). Previously, the Status Area remained hidden.

Database - Updated default values for Global Settings.

User - Fixed problem displaying the New User Setup Screen (twice) - discovered when restarting from a Forced Shutdown.

User - Fixed problem with Auto Login not working when run from the Startup Folder.

Admin - Fixed problem with 'Refresh' not working when 'Users' selected.

14 Apr 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-04B

User - Added pop-up to alert you when specific USERS change their Status.

User - New additions to the Message Pop-Up Alert include: A sound effect (wave file), Cancel & Display Msg Preview buttons, ESC Key to quit screen.

User - Added code to prevent message / status alert pop-ups 'fading' into the background for Win98 PC's (which can't handle this feature).

User - Main Screen - Updated message preview section to only display 'new' messages. (prevents apparent 'doubling up' of messages)

Admin - Fixed 'Element not found' error which appeared if 'Items' was selected in the treeview, Admin was shutdown, then restarted.

Admin - Fixed 'Invalid Key' error encountered after converting some WHOS-IN 2003 databases.

Convert.exe - updated default source & target text fields.

Database - Updated several fields to a universal (internal) date/time format.

02 Apr 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-04A

User - Added a pop-up to alert you when new messages arrive.

User - Added a TreeView of Categories to the Message Preview screen (similar to the folders in MS Outlook)

User - Added Deleted and Sent Messages to message previewer.

User - Fixed problem with 'New User Setup' screen found when double clicking on a user name already in the database (imported from 2003).

Admin - Added keyboard shortcuts for Adding & Deleting Users / Groups etc.

Admin - Added last TreeView node selected into Admin Settings Table.

Convert.exe - Fixed problem where the EmployeeSettingsTable data was not imported correctly from some 2003 databases.

17 Mar 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01H

User - Complete redesign of the 'New User Setup' screen, bringing all tabbed info onto one page. Also eliminates the need for the TABCTL ocx, saving about 250KB of memory on each users PC.

User - Added horizontal & vertical splitter bars, allowing resizing (or hiding) of the Message / Status alert area at the bottom of the screen. The splitter positions are saved into the database when the user exits WHOS-IN Pro.

User - Fixed problem with creating Icon in the StartUp Folder.

Admin / User - Added build number to TitleBar to help identify version.

Admin - Added extra 'Global Settings' to allow disabling the Message System, Status Alerts, Presence Sensing and StartUp Folder Icons.

Admin - Updated Photo display in modify user screen to only display scrollbars when necessary.

Admin - Fixed error 3315 - field cannot be a zero length string. Found when modifying a users details, and a custom field was empty.

09 Feb 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01F

User - Fixed intermittent problem with jerky mouse movement if the database was being opened at the exact same moment as someone else was closing it.

User - Updated tool-tip in Preview Messages Pane to more accurately present info based on the number of messages (if any).

User - Fixed Error 91 which appeared *IF* the Administrator added a new Group, but did not add any users, then the User selected the empty Group, and mouse-clicked on the main ListView screen. (A difficult bug to find!)

23 Jan 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01E
Admin - Fixed 'Error 91' encountered when opening Admin program.
(Note this error only appears in version 2005-1c)

21 Jan 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01D
User - Fixed 'zero length field error' for custom fields in the Change Screen.

17 Jan 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01C
User - Fixed overflow error in Open Database routine.
Admin - Fixed disabled 'edit/modify' buttons problem.

08 Jan 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01B
Convert - Fixed 2 bugs found when importing from older WHOS-IN versions.
Support-Files - Added missing Microsoft Tab control.

01 Jan 2005 - WHOS-IN Pro 2005-01A (MAJOR UPDATE)
Admin - The last User, Group, Item etc selected is highlighted and visible when returning to the main screen from any other screen

Admin - Updated Modify DueBack screen to allow editing of the existing data. Previously data had to be re-entered from scratch.

Admin / User - Added 'Force Shutdown' command to allow the Administrator to more easily make updates to the user program (handy when people go home & leave WHOS-IN running overnight).

Admin / User - Added option to 'Protect' selected Status Types (such as 'Vacation'). Setting a Status to protected will prevent the Auto LogOut feature in the User program from over-writing the 'Vacation' Status with the usual 'Out' Status when the user shuts down WHOS-IN (if the Auto Logout option is selected).

User - The last person or item selected is highlighted and visible when returning to the main screen from any other screen

User - Presence sensing feature (pictured above). If a users screensaver is triggered, the Icon on the main display area will change from the standard colored button to a small 'screen' icon. If a users PC is 'locked' a lock icon will appear.
NOTE: The Icons changing do NOT change a users Status. When the user returns and moves the mouse / keyboard, the Icon (only) will revert back to its previous (colored) state.

User - Added Auto-Detect of Network Logon ID's to assist new users in the selection of a valid name.

User - Added code to detect a user pressing Function Key 5 (F5). This key now performs a manual 'refresh' (similar to most other Windows Apps).

User - Added code to include the users current Status on the Title Bar / SysTray Icon.

User - Added code to only display the toolbar 'Servers' button when the user is on their 'home' server, and only display the 'Home' button when a user is on a remote database.

User - Added new 'Status Alerts' area at the bottom of the main WHOS-IN screen. This area will 'notify' you when a colleague changes their Status. A second area displays the names of people who will be notified of YOUR status changes (so they know when YOU return from Lunch for example).

User - Added code to allow mismatched (upper/lowercase) usernames in the main screen 'Double-Click' event. This prevents a problem where WHOS-IN is started with a command line such as 'J SMITH' however the users entry in the database is 'J Smith'.

User / Admin - Added 'Company Policy / Information screen. This displays pertinent information that employees need to know about the company / organization they work for.

User - Added Short Message System which allows you to send a quick note from one WHOS-IN user to another. Msgs are displayed in a viewer, and you can select individual msgs to read / delete etc.

User - Added code to allow ALT-HOME keyboard combination which resets the main WHOS-IN screen coordinates to 0,0 (top left). This has been included to assist users with multiple screens leaving WHOS-IN 'off the main screen', then logging on to a PC that only has a single screen (WHOS-IN is not visible in this case, and there is no way to display or move it).

User - Added new option to display Groups in a TreeView down the left-hand side (like Outlook / Explorer). This will be the new default display mode, and can be switched back to the old Tab display format if required.

User - Removed references to ZTray.OCX (the control used to display WHOS-IN in the System Tray) and replaced it with pure Visual Basic code. This will eliminate any 'Registry' requirements associated with the OCX.

Admin - Added User ID to Add / Modify user screens.

Admin - Added 'Refresh' button to ToolBar.

Admin - Updated 'Import' utility to include User ID's, and also allow Comma or Tab delimited files.

Admin - Modified main display to display main functions in a TreeView. (Previously a Tab View)

Admin - Added 'Photo Path' function which allows you to store images of users or items in another folder. Previously, images could only be located in the folder containing the database.

Admin - Updated 'browsing for files or folders' to begin searching from 'My Network Places' or 'Network Neighborhood'. Previously C:\

User / Admin - Updated Icons to the new Hudson Software Logo.

User / Admin - Increased serial number to 16 digits.

User / Admin - Added a 'free updates expiry date'. This will allow you to see exactly 'when' your free updates expire (but it will not stop the program from working after that date). (See the About Screen)

User / Admin - Added code to allow 'timed trials' with as many users as needed. (Special serial numbers issued on request).

User / Admin - Updated Help to HTML format (CHM files).

Wish List...
Any ideas you might have for new features, please email us: