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WHOS-IN Pro - What's New ?

User - Presence sensing feature. If a users screensaver is triggered, the Icon on the main display area will change from the standard colored button to a small 'screen' icon. If a users PC is 'locked' a lock icon will appear.
NOTE: The Icons changing do NOT change a users Status. When the user returns and moves the mouse / keyboard, the Icon (only) will revert back to its previous (colored) state.

User - Added new 'Status Alerts' area at the bottom of the main WHOS-IN screen. This area will 'notify' you when a colleague changes their Status. A second area displays the names of people who will be notified of YOUR status changes (so they know when YOU return from Lunch for example).

User - Added Short Message System which allows you to send a quick Post-It™ style note from one WHOS-IN user to another. Msgs are displayed in a viewer, and you can select individual msgs to read / delete etc.

User - Added new option to display Groups in a TreeView down the left-hand side (like Outlook / Explorer). This will be the new default display mode, and can be switched back to the old Tab display format if required.

User - Added splitter Bar to allow resizing of the main screen TreeView / ListView.

User - The last person or item selected is highlighted and visible when returning to the main screen from any other screen

User - Added Auto-Detect of Network Logon ID's to assist new users in the selection of a valid name.

User - Added code to detect a user pressing Function Key 5 (F5). This key now performs a manual 'refresh' (similar to most other Windows Apps).

User - Added code to include the users current Status on the Title Bar / SysTray Icon.

User - Added code to only display the toolbar 'Servers' button when the user is on their 'home' server, and only display the 'Home' button when a user is on a remote database.

User - Added code to allow mismatched (upper/lowercase) usernames in the main screen 'Double-Click' event. This prevents a problem where WHOS-IN is started with a command line such as 'J SMITH' however the users entry in the database is 'J Smith'.

User - Added code to allow ALT-HOME keyboard combination which resets the main WHOS-IN screen coordinates to 0,0 (top left). This has been included to assist users with multiple screens leaving WHOS-IN 'off the main screen', then logging on to a PC that only has a single screen (WHOS-IN is not visible in this case, and there is no way to display or move it).

User - Removed references to ZTray.OCX (the control used to display WHOS-IN in the System Tray) and replaced it with pure Visual Basic code. This will eliminate any 'Registry' requirements associated with the OCX.

User / Admin - Added 'Company Policy - Information screen. This displays pertinent information that employees need to know about your company or organization.

User / Admin - Updated Icons to the new Hudson Software Logo.

User / Admin - Increased serial number to 16 digits.

User / Admin - Added a 'free updates expiry date'. This will allow you to see exactly 'when' your free updates expire (but it will not stop the program from working after that date).

User / Admin - Added code to allow 'timed' demos with as many users as needed. (Serial numbers issued on request).

User / Admin - Updated Help to HTML format (CHM files).

Admin - The last User, Group, Item etc selected is highlighted and visible when returning to the main screen from any other screen.

Admin - Updated Modify DueBack screen to allow editing of the existing data. Previously data had to be re-entered from scratch.

Admin / User - Added 'Force Shutdown' command to allow the Administrator to more easily make updates to the user program (handy when people go home & leave WHOS-IN running overnight).

Admin / User - Added option to 'Protect' selected Status Types (such as 'Vacation'). Setting a Status to protected will prevent the Auto LogOut feature in the User program from over-writing the 'Vacation' Status with the usual 'Out' Status when the user shuts down WHOS-IN (if the Auto Logout option is selected).

Admin - Added User ID to Add / Modify user screens.

Admin - Added 'Refresh' button to ToolBar.

Admin - Updated 'Import' utility to include User ID's, and also allow Comma or Tab delimited files.

Admin - Modified main display to display main functions in a TreeView. (Previously a Tab View)

Admin - Added 'Photo Path' function which allows you to store images of users or items in another folder. Previously, images could only be located in the folder containing the database.

Admin - Updated 'browsing for files or folders' to begin searching from 'My Network Places' or 'Network Neighborhood'. Previously C:\

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