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WHOS-IN Pro - Windows 8 issues:

Windows 8 presents some totally new problems when attempting to register an OCX or DLL, due to fundamental changes in Windows 8, and the UAC (User Access Control) security system. WHOS-IN uses only Microsoft components (to maintain compatibility) however sometimes one or more may need to be registered. Commonly they are: MSINET.OCX, MSFLXGRD.OCX, and/or MSCOMCTL.OCX.  With previous versions of Windows, you could manually register an OCX, but things have changed with Windows 8. One of the biggest issues is the apparent lack of a START button in the bottom left of the desktop. It *IS* actually there - just difficult to access - which in turn creates a problem attempting to manually run REGSVR32.

To display the Start Button, hover your mouse in the absolute bottom left corner of your Win 8 Desktop Screen. It looks like this:


Apologies for the quality - snapped with a camera.


For example: If you attempt to run the WHOS-IN ADMIN program, and the MSINET.OCX file has not been registered, you will see the following error:

The file is actually neither missing OR invalid - it just not registered correctly.

To make things easier with OCX registration, we have written a small 'register' App for Win 8 (but it also works with earlier versions). You can now easily register and unregister OCX's using this tool.  






1. Launch Windows Explorer & browse to your server WHOSIN folder.


2. RIGHT CLICK on OCXregisterTool.exe and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

(If you don't run as Admin, the OCX will not register)


3. Choose the file you want to register.


IT'S THAT EASY ! (Much simpler than manually registering files).


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