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Tech Support - PostCode Express
This page deals with questions received about our PostCode Express software that are not already covered in the troubleshooting section of the On-Line manual.

Question I'm confused re the Word 2000 macro problem. Can you explain what is going on please? 
Answer The macro problem is now FIXED. You can download it HERE.

Question I've tried installing the WinWord7 macro with PostCode Express version 5 (32bit), and it's displaying an ERROR 514 message during install.
Answer We have been unable to duplicate this error, however the most likely cause is that the NORMAL.DOT file is not active. Try Starting WinWord7 then open a NEW document. Next, load the '32bit PostCode Installer' document from the 'Program Files\PostCode' Folder, and try the installation again.

Question The new 32bit WinWord7 macro is displaying an ERROR 503 message (Process failed in other application).
This appears to be a problem with the macro language of WinWord. To cure the problem,add the following line to the PostCode32 macro:
On Error Resume Next
The above line should be added immediately preceding the line:
DDEExecute ChanNum,TextSelection$

As we receive more questions they will be appended to this page.

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Updated 25 Mar 2013