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Tech Support - WHOS-IN 2002

Known issues... 

Screen 'redraw' problem:
Although not strictly a WHOS-IN bug as such, (the problem below is actually caused by bugs in the Microsoft ListView control) the end result is something that 'appears' to be a WHOS-IN bug. We can reproduce the problem at will, but have been unable to find a resolution.

The problem lies with the drawing or 'painting' of the ListView control. WHOS-IN saves the screen position, size, and ListView column widths into the database when it shuts down, and reloads those values when it restarts. If a combination of the form width and column width leaves the bottom scroll bar almost touching the right-hand edge, multiple copies of the text and grid are drawn on-screen.

Screen shot of problem area in WHOS-IN 2000, however the same problem can appear in WHOS-IN 2002 because the Microsoft ListView control is still in use with this version.

At present, the only solution we know of is to 'refresh' the screen (by hitting the refresh button on the toolbar, minimizing & restoring, or moving the mouse around on the toolbar so that the tooltips are displayed - there may be others as well).

To prevent the problem, try to ensure that when you exit WHOS-IN, the bottom scroll bar is either not visible, or not close to the right hand edge.

Microsoft has been informed of the bug, however it is unlikely they will ever fix it, because Visual Basic 6 has now been superceded by VB.Net.

Error 91 problem:
WHOS-IN 2002 has been extensively tested by the beta test team (who performed over 500 person-years of testing) however the Error 91 bug remains unresolved at present. Several weeks of coding has produced no solution (as yet) however as soon as it is solved, all registered users will be informed & a new version of WHOS-IN 2002 released. It is unlikely you will see this error, however if you do, simply restarting WHOS-IN 2002 usually cures the problem.

See the UPDATES page for latest fixes...


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