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Tech Support - WYWO

 This page deals with questions received about our While You Were Out software that are not already covered in the On-Line manual.

Question I'm receiving messages where the YEAR portion of the date says 100.

Answer This problem happens when the SENDER has the year set to yy in the Short Date Format. (Control Panel / Regional Settings).   If someone has their short date format set to 2 digit years, and sends you a message, it will appear as 05/01/100 (even though the settings on YOUR PC are correct).

The simplest fix is to send a broadcast message to everyone asking them to REPLY to you. Those that still have the old setup will appear in your INBOX with the /100 date format. Simply email them back telling them how to fix it. Full instructions are as follows:

INSTRUCTIONS (To be performed on each workstation):
Close WYWO.
Select the Windows START button.
Choose the DATE Tab
Edit the SHORT DATE SETTING to the appropriate local setting: e.g dd-mm-yyyy (Australia) or mm-dd-yyyy (USA) or yyyy-mm-dd (Japan) etc.
APPLY the changes and close Control Panel.
Restart WYWO and it should now be OK.

Question (WYWO 4.4) I'm running Win95 - Why don't my new messages appear over the top of other 'Full Screen' applications?
(I have the 'Immediate Response Required' option switched on - it should work!)
Answer Yes, this is correct, it should work... however Microsoft have altered the operation of another option in Win95 which in turn affects WYWO. Switch the 'Always On Top' option in WYWO OFF and you should find it now functions correctly. The same problem does not seem to appear if you are running Win98 or NT4.

Question (WYWO 4.4) I've just added the WYWO.LIC file to our Server to increase the number of users, but WYWO still says we are only licensed for the 'old' number of users.
Answer This problem is caused when the person (usually a Server Administrator) who installed the WYWO.LIC file to the server copied the file to the WYWO folder, but did not set the Access Rights on the file so everyone on the Network could use it.

Question (WYWO 4.4) When I attempt to Print messages, one or more appear as a 'Black Box' on the page.
Answer This problem has been tracked down to a setting in the Printer Options and applies (mainly) to HP printers. Set printer option to RASTER, or for HP5si - Set to RASTER+TEXT.

QuestionI have a problem with WYWO & Win XP. When I click on the WYWO icon in the system tray, WYWO fails to appear.
This problem is a corruption of the screen position in the users REGISTRY.
To fix this problem you need to:
Go to the users PC and ensure that WYWO is not running.
From the Windows START / RUN menu - enter REGEDIT.
Select the FIND menu item, and enter CALIENTE as the item to search for.
When found, drill down into the While You Were Out section (2 levels deep) where you will find the POSITION setting.
This is probably some huge number (or even a negative number) you need to EDIT the value to: 300 300 (That's 300 SPACE 300) which will reposition wywo about 1cm from the top left of the screen (when it restarts).
Close REGEDIT, restart WYWO, and you should be OK.

As we receive more questions they will be appended to this page.

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Updated 25 Mar 2013